Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Madness

Just back from the BALLE conference in Bellingham WA, an inspiring gathering of people from around the country,  and the world, who are working to build "local, living economies." In case anyone needs to be convinced of the need for BALLE-like alternatives, spend a half-hour reading the NY Times today. From "hit & run" Wall Street business models, to the ludicrous (and ultimately wasteful) lemming-like behavior of Silicon Valley VCs ($15 million for a grilled cheese app?), to the self-serving efforts of the country's biggest corporations to shelter their vast cash piles from taxes, it will get your blood pumping. And don't forget "Afghanistan's Last Locavores," a compelling look at the government's shortsighted development strategy in Afghanistan, where we are transforming a traditional, sustainable way of life into a "consumer-oriented, mechanized, fossil-fuel-based economy." It's all in the name of "quick wins." As Wendell Berry famously said, this is truly the culture and economy of a one-night stand!

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